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1. File formats available with CADian Viewer
2. Major functions
DWG Viewing:

You can confirm zoom in/out and details of the dwg files through CADian Viewer. And you can save your files according to each AutoCAD versions. 

Marking up DWG:

Markup works on the other layers and saves at the cml file. Therefore, your original file would be remained without any change. 
And the markup function at CADian Viewer will be improved in the near future and delivered to you at free. 

Printing DWG:

CADian Viewer supports the CTB output. Therefore, you can use the most of print functions same as AutoCAD or CADian 

Developer Tools:

he most of Viewer tools doesn't include API for developers. However CADian Viewer delivers excellent interface or plug-in for developers. 
This means all programmers for VBA, VB, AutoLisp, C, C++ or C# can apply new functions through CADian Viewer and also, they can link CADian Viewer to ERP, PDM, PLM, Drawing management system. Furthermore we will support the new functions or wish lists that the developers want.

3. Platform
CADian Viewer is available the desktop, Stand-alone application, C/S(Client-Server) versions. Windows 98/ 2000/ 2003 /XP


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