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Create a TIN (triangulated irregular network) of a set of points. Any point file in the xyz format can be used to create a surface model. Fault lines may be added to the model to control the triangulation process. Boundaries and voids may also be used to control the appearance of the model.

Contours may be created at user defined intervals and placed on user defined layers.

A mesh may be created of the surface. 

Volume calculations may be made between two surfaces. 

Create an unlimited number of surfaces. 

Profiles - select a polyline alignment and cut a profile from the surface. The profile may then be imported into a drawing. The program places a grid around the profile and annotates stations and existing ground elevations on a user defined interval.

Define proposed profile. 

A dialog box will appear alowing you to enter PI stations and elevations and vertical curves for your proposed alignment. The grades are calculated and shown in the dialog box for your information. You may enter a station and grade and change the following elevation.

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