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1. Bill Of Materials MBOM1

The MECH-Q Bill Of Materials utility - The Professional BOM. This utility gives all the options you expect in a utility of this kind.... and much more.

Fully customizable Bill Of Materials table

Fields Names, Length & text Justification to user choice 
Fields with single, double or triple lines of text.
Text size to user's choice
Layers & Text Styles to user's choice
" Formula " relational fields Option for user defined attribute tag block
Multiple drawing spanning

The BOM Table configuration is saved on disk and several configurations can be saved as required

BOM Generation - Fully customizable
Layers for balloons, tables & text as set by user
BOM table can be build up or down as required.
Several Balloons shapes: circular, double circular & hexagon
The ID numbering system can be Numeric or Alphanumeric .
The items data can be tied to identifier balloons if required.
Items data can be saved to a file or added Automatically to the drawing.
Single line or double line header

BOM Table can be formed after all balloon are drawn - By Automatic balloon search and count - This allows for BOM table update when additional balloons are added . 

Other Options Several leader type - Arrow head, Dot head, Tangential balloons & No leader 

Other Features Balloons ID is incremented automatically and the program will find the last largest number/letter used - each time it starts. 

The utility will create its own item data entry dialogue box ( DCL ) - according to BOM table design. 
You only need to locate the insertion point of the data table ONCE - The program will always insert the item detail in the next correct location - even when you continue to edit the drawing another time. 
You can add or delete BOM items at any time & BOM table can be re-compiled from balloon or table item count 

Utility will work with both Metric & Imperial ( English ) systems. 

The program is very easy to use and learn, yet most versatile and adaptable to most drawing office standards.

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