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More Strong Print Functions:

GStarICAD2008 has integrated HPGL/2, OCE, PS/EPS, PDF, EMF/WMF print drivers, GstarCAD2009 has more strong and perfect print functions
1. HDI upgrades to 3.0 version
Re-developer can customize print interface in GstarCAD2009.
2. Cooperate with Canon to develop Canon series print drivers

3. Add DWF virtual print driver and realize the web publish function.
Different from the direct DWF export before, this published file contains all the DWF information and users can export DWF file according to selected area
The process of creating DWF file
Select "DWF6 ePlot.pc3" printer, other steps are same to the normal print.

4. Frame Auto Range
Many drawings can be arranged automatically through software calculation. It not only can enhance print efficiency but also can save paper.
Command: ZDPT
Menu: Express>Automatic row diagram
Operation Steps:
(1) If you use this function at first time, you should do some settings at "Option" item
(2) Select the arranged file from "add file" item
(3) After selecting the arranged file you can "tryout" these files, and preview the arranged effect.

5. PLT output tool
Users can send PLT files to printer to print.
Operation Steps:
1) Right-click GStarCAD icon>Properties>Find Target
2) Select PrintPlt.exe in the dialog box

3) Double-click the PrintPlt.exe file, then the "Print" dialog box will be displayed,
in the dialog box you can select printer or do some settings.
4) Click OK button, the "Open" dialog box is displayed, you can select the printed file.

Perfect Management Functions:

1. New Drawing Wizard
User can select modes and also can select required template files
Command: New
Menu: File>New
When the system variable "startup" is on, click "new" icon the following dialog box will emerge
1) User can create a new drawing according to English or Metric

2) User can create a new drawing according to the existing template

3) User can create a new drawing according to use wizard

2. Layer Translator
Command: Laytrans
Changes a drawing's layers to layer standards you specify.
In the Layer Translator, you specify the layers in the current drawing that you want to translate, and the layers to translate them to.

Translate From: Specify the layers to be translated in the current drawing.
Selection Filter: Specify layers to be selected in the Translate From list
Translate To: List the layers you can translate the current drawing's layers to.
Load: Load layers in the "Translate To" list using a drawing, drawing template, or standards file that you specify.
New: Define a new layer to be shown in the Translate To list for translation.
Map: List each layer to be translated and the properties to which the layer will be converted.
Settings: Open the Settings dialog box, where you can customize the process of layer translation.
Translate: Start layer translation of the layers you have mapped.
3. View Manager
User can name many views and switch quickly between each views, It is helpful to reduce many unnecessary view adjust operation
Command: View
Menu: View> Named Views
There are two tabs in this dialog box, named view tab and orthographic isometric view tab.
1) Named Views Tab

Set Current: Restore the selected view.
New: Create a named view. And "new view" dialog box will emerge
Details: Display "detail of view" dialog box
2) Orthographic Isometric View Tab

Set Current: Restore the selected view.
Current View: Display the name of current view
Relative to: Specify the base coordinate system which is used to define the orthographic view, the WCS is the default base coordinate system.
Recover Orthographic UCS and View: Restore the relative UCS when set orthographic view as current.
4. Alias Edit
GstarCAD 2009 provides executable file "aliascommand.exe". User can modify alias and need not to enable GstarCAD. In GstarCAD 2009 user can customize system command such as: run,cmd,start and etc.
Command: Aliasedit
Menu: Express>Tools>Order any nickname editor
1) The executable file "aliascommand.exe" in installation catalog

2) The command alias dialog box in GStarCAD2009

5. Block Attribute Manager
Manages the attributes for a selected block definition, preview modification automatically, it is convenient to modify attribute block in quantity.
Command: Battman

Select: Allow you to use your pointing device to select a block from the drawing area.
Block: List all block definitions in the current drawing that have attributes. Sync: Update all instances of the selected block with the attribute properties currently defined.
Move Up: Move the selected attribute tag earlier in the prompt sequence.
Move Down: Move the selected attribute tag later in the prompt sequence.
Edit: Opens the "Edit Attribute" dialog box, where you can modify attribute properties.

Remove: Remove the selected attribute from the block definition.
Settings: Opens the "Block Attribute Settings" dialog box, where you can customize how attribute information is listed in the Block Attribute Manager.
Apply: Apply the changes you made, but leave the dialog box open.
6. Block Count
User can know the block name and the number of inserted block in the selected object. It is compatible with the Bcount command in AutoCAD.
Command: Bcount
7. The Upgrade of Design Center and Tool Palettes
The blocks in design center can be dragged to drawing area, the blocks in drawing area can be dragged to tool palettes too. The input and output function of tool palettes is helpful to share and reuse.

Enable Pointer Input: turn on or off pointer input
Settings: Display "Pointer Input Settings" dialog box
2. The Enhancement of Selection Function
Selection box will be displayed dynamically and transparently, the two selection mode "window" and "crossing" will be differentiated by color.
The two different effects are below:
The display of window selection:

The display of crossing selection:

3. The Drag of Right Mouse Key
Use right mouse key to drag after selecting entity, the shortcut menu will be displayed it is another operation mode.

4. Text to Front
Bring text and dimensions in front of all other objects in the drawing
Menu: Tools>Draw order>Bring text and dimensions to front
Operation steps:
1) Execute command
2) Input the object type of being to front

The effect before input

If input Text, and all the text will be to front, the effect is below

If input Dimension, and all the dimensions will be to front, the effect is below

If input both, and all the text and dimensions will be to front, the effect is below

5. Quick Calculator
Evaluate mathematical and geometric expressions. Different from common calculator, quick calculator is an expression generator. In order to get more flexibility, quick calculator will not give the answer immediately but let user input a editable expression then press Enter or equal sign to get the result. In addition, user can find the inputted expression from history record, and modify it or recalculate.
Open and close quick calculator
Command: quickcalc and qcclose
Menu: tools>Palettes>Quickcalc
Shortcut key: CTRL+8
6. HCCAD Tools
HCCAD Tools integrated many convenient drawing tools, user can use GStarCAD platform software to finish many professional design such as pipeline design.
1) Drawing Scale
Set drawing scale before starting to draw, software will adjust the scale automatically when you use other tools such as modifying lineweight.
2) Control Parameters--Cross to break width
Set the width of fast tripping cross, about "the fast tripping cross" we will introduce it later
3) Rotate Cursor
Set the cursor to the angle that you want. You can choose 0 degree or 45 degree which have been set; you also can choose "Alongside Line" to select a line, the cursor angle will become corresponding with the line; If you select "Real Time Rotate" and it seems that you enter into a little play, you can use AWSD four key to control the rotate of the cursor till you press Enter to finish it
4) Line Such as Chord
It is very convenient to use "Line such as chord" function to draw isometric drawing.
Software will prompt you to input lineweight value, you can set the value according your need, then start to draw your entity, the graphic way is the same with drawing common multiline, software supplies the usually used angle 0 degree and 45 degree, you can set the angle value by yourself, it will feel the drawing process is fast and easy. The sample drawing is below:

5) Extension
The extension location can be displayed in real-time until to the final location
6) Normal Connect
This function is similar with 0 distance chamfer. If there are two intersectant line or pline, the selected part will be retained and other part will be cut

Select 1 and 2 to use "normal connect", and so 3 and 4 will be cut, the effect is below

7) Flex connect
As long as two lines or pline are not parallel, they can realize "flex connect", this function will make selected line extend to the location where it intersect with the target line or where it intersect with the extension line of the target line. The sample picture is below:
Now use 1 with 2 and 1 with 3 to use this function separately  

The situation before "Flex connect"

1 with 2 to use the function

1with3 to use the function
8) Super Fillet

Why we can this function "Super fillet"? because this function not only can finish the usual fillet operation but also can unify the two lines' information such as layer,color,line type and etc, the unified standard is according to the firstly selected line.

In this drawing, these two lines have different color and line type, now we use super fillet function to theme.
Please enter the Fillet radius<0>:
The software will prompt you after you input the radius
Please select the first line segment:
The selected first lien will determine the layer?color and line type of filleted two lines, here we select the green lien as the first line, then select the yellow line to do super fillet, the result is below:

9) Modify linewidth
Change the linewidth of specified pline, if you select a line and software will translate this line into pline and set linewidth automatically for it. It is very convenient to edit linewidth.
10) Cross to break soon
We often need to break many lines when drawing, but it is very unconvenient to do this by hand. This aim can be easily finished by this function supplied by GstarCAD
Software will prompt you to select a line which is to break other lines namely the cover line segment then you can select the breaking lines.
Use the green line as the cover line to break the red line and yellow line. The effect is below:

11) Modify Text
Supply some functions to single text such as: height?text width factor?angle?obliquing angle
12) Super Axonometric
It is a very helpful function, you can translate plan drawing into isometric drawing easily with it.
The operation way is very easy, you should select the translated drawing at first, then set the axonometric angle, at last press Enter to finish your operation.

                        Before translation            

              After translation

Strong Re-development Environment(In Development Version):

GstarCAD 2009 Development Version supports all the re-development interfaces of AutoCAD.
GRX Programming Interface
GRX programming interface is provided which is compatible with ARX, based on C++, object-oriented re-development environment and application interface. 
GstarCAD2009 supports all the development interface: AutoLISP, Visual LISP(including IDE), SDS(ADS), VBA, GRX(ARX)
VBA development interface
Microsoft VBA(Visual Basic for Application)  is an object-oriented programming environment designed to provide rich development capabilities, which is a strong development tool. GstarCAD2009 also integrates VBA development tool, and provides ActiveX Automation suitable to VBA development
GstarCAD Visual LISP IDE
GstarCAD2009 provides the customers who are accustomed to using LISP with a visual development interface and environment. The VLISP integrated development environment (IDE) provides features to help ease the tasks of source-code creation and modification, program testing, and debugging. In addition, VLISP provides a vehicle for delivering standalone applications written in AutoLISP.

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